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Reading about wine is nearly as important as drinking it.
— H. W. Yoxall
The Enjoyment of Wine

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From Vines to Wines
Jeff Cox

Wine for Dummies
Ed McCarthy, et al

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  1. The Wine Bible
    by Karen MacNeil
  2. From Vines to Wines
    by Jeff Cox
  3. Noble Rot
    by William Echikson

9780307462916Is This Bottle Corked?

We’ve all come across those suave, confident, and all-so-knowing books that tell us precisely what to drink with which dish, how to swirl, sniff, slosh, and pronounce on our wine, and, above all, how to impress our friends and business associates with our expertise.

Well, this is not one of those books. Is This Bottle Corked? is something different: a book that poses–and answers–the really important questions about wine.
  • What was Falstaff drinking when he called for more sack?
  • What was actually drunk at Plato’s Symposium?
  • When is rot "noble"?
  • Who was the first American connoisseur of wine–it wasn’t George Washington, but speaking of the general, what was his favorite wine?
  • Why on earth do wine connoisseurs talk like that?
  • Was Pliny the Elder the first Robert Parker?
  • Why do we drink to forget–and why doesn’t it work?
These and many other intriguing, amusing, and curious questions are answered within, guaranteeing the reader a "Yes, but did you know . . .?" for every occasion at which a cork is drawn.More Information on this Book

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9780471770640 WineWise: Your Complete Guide to Understanding, Selecting, and Enjoying Wine
WineWise teaches you how to trust your taste buds and follow your nose to wines that you truly enjoy. The book is peppered with tips and advice that you'll find nowhere else—surprising insights that encourage you to step off the beaten path and explore all that the world of wine has to offer. To help you in your journey, the authors offer their own personal lists of great WineWise bargains—more than 650 mostly $15-and-under bottles from around the world. With this cornucopia of terrific choices and the savvy guidance WineWise provides, you have everything you need to boost your wine IQ and get more pleasure out of every bottle you drink.
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9781416562436 Wanderings in the Wonderful World of Wine Tourism
George M. Taber set out on the wine lover's ultimate dream: a journey to the twelve most beautiful and fascinating wine-producing regions around the globe. In Search of Bacchus chronicles that experience: the gorgeous landscapes, conversations with winemakers, unforgettable meals, must-do activities, and of course, the taste of the wines. Here he offers suggestions for travelers, commentary on trends in the wine world, charming anecdotes, and recommendations of vintages available in the United States, so that oenophiles at home can live vicariously through his travels.
More Information on this Book

9781845334833 The Things You Should Know to Enjoy Wine
Matt Skinner shares his passion and enthusiasm, guiding you through the basics of buying, drinking, storing and, most importantly, enjoying wine. Divided into chapters on shopping, drinking, eating and sleeping, this book covers everything you need to know about wine, from making sense of wine labels and understanding vintages to ordering wine questions, and many more. His refreshingly relaxed style is easy to read and understand, and his invaluable advice will arm you with knowledge for wine that will impress your friends and have you walking down that wine aisle with confidence.
More Information on this Book

9836860069 Wine for Dummies DVD
The award winning guide to the world of wine is now on DVD! Love wine and want to know more? This entertaining and informative look at the increasingly popular world of wine will help you understand how wine is created, develop your wine-tasting techniques, navigate a wine shop and a restaurant wine list, and learn how to marry wine with food. Sterling Roig, Wine Director at Marseille, a New York City restaurant acclaimed for its eclectic wine selection, hosts Wine For Dummies. Sterling shares his passion for wine with all types of wine lovers, from the novice to the aficionado. A student of the American Sommelier Association’s Viticulture and Vinification, Sterling is an expert on vintages and producers.
More Information on this DVD

9780230605749 The Story of America's Wine Country
Today, millions of people around the world enjoy California's legendary wines, unaware that 90 years ago the families who made these wines--and in many cases still do – turned to struggle and subterfuge to save the industry we now cherish. When Prohibition took effect in 1919, three months after one of the greatest California grape harvests of all time, violence and chaos descended on Northern California. Federal agents spilled thousands of gallons of wine in the rivers and creeks, gun battles erupted on dark country roads, and local law enforcement officers, sympathetic to their winemaking neighbors, found ways to run circles around the intruding authorities. Including moments of both desperation and joy, Sosnowski tells the inspiring story of how ordinary people fought to protect to a beautiful and timeless culture in the lovely hills and valleys of now-celebrated wine country.
More Information on this Book
Into Wine Editors Choice

Complete Guide to the Home Cellar0762420847
Whether you are a wine enthusiast who wants to build a complete wine cellar or only have niches fit for a few bottles. The Home Wine Cellar contains complete instructions on the best environments for aging and storing wine. If you do not have a full room available to customize into a wine cellar this book will explain how bookcases, closets, under-stairway storage areas, and other small spaces can be converted to effectively accommodate your collection.
Collecting Wine > More Information on this Book

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